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Benefits of Ideal Listing

It is FREE!!!!
That is correct, no hidden charges, no fees and no cost. Ideal Listing allows you to list and advertise your property for free of charge. Simply it allows you to draw more attention to your property for FREE!!!.

Complete Search Engine
Ideal Listing is the only real estate search engine that allows both Realtors™ and .For Sale By Owner. properties be listed and displayed to the users. Since we have no affiliation with any listing or real estate agent, it allows us to create a medium where through technology listings can be advertised.
This greatly benefits the users as they now only have to visit one website to find their dream home.
We also provide tools and features to benefit our users in order to rent, buy or sell real estate properties through Ideal Listing. We are actively working on new features and enhancements to ensure that this site becomes the only real estate site that you visit.

Private and Accountability
Ideal Listing has developed a technology that allows you to electronically communicate. The buyer can communicate to the seller through our messaging technology. This will allow them to safely and securely ask questions and clarify certain things.

Security is a big issue on the Internet these days. At Ideal Listing we ensure that your information is secure.

Attractive offers for buyers and sellers
We ensure that utilizing our service is a very attractive for both buying and selling homes. When you are selling a home there will be no commission to pay which translates to savings of thousands of dollars. We also provide the necessary tools to make your daunting task easier and seamless.

Alert for New Listings
If you can't find the ideal home you are looking for, we offer a service that would alert you once the home becomes available. With the home alert service you can easily specify your criteria and it would automatically alert you when a listing matching your criteria becomes available. The listings that you get the e-mail for are also listed under the Alerts tab for easy and convenient access and review.

No Contract
Unlike some sites and agents, you are not under any contract with Ideal Listing to be exclusively listed with Ideal Listing. Although we offer the best listing service and best customer service you are free to list your home in other services available.

Equal Listing Opportunity
Research has shown that top placement in the search result would get the highest number of viewers. To ensure that we allow equal exposure in Ideal Listing we display the matching listings in random order. With this feature we allow every property that is listed in Ideal Listing equal opportunity to be viewed.

With our reports we have taken the guess work out of the buying and selling homes. We show to our visitors what areas or prices are higher in demand. We also have specific reports just for the people who have listed their homes. With Ideal Listing reports you can easily and quickly review the market and our service.

Easy To Use
A team of programmers and technicians worked extremely hard for over a year and half on putting together this site for you. The focus of the site has always been to ensure that it is really easy to use and rich with functionality to benefit people who are interested in selling or buying a home. We are also constantly adding new features to our site and we always appriciate any feedback that you may have.

Quick link to your listing
Every listing on Ideal Listing will have a direct link to allow you market it easier and better. The format of the link will be like http://id99.ideallisting.com. You can easily e-mail or publish this link on your ads or e-mails that you send out to prospects. This tool is available for both For Sale and For Rent listings. Sample newspaper demonstrates the usage and benefit of quick link.

Print Flyer Tool
Ideal Listing allows you to quickly print a flyer of your listing that allows you to post it on different places to easily market your property. This tool is available for both For Sale and For Rent listings.

Hot Specials
We also allow for sellers to list their property in our Hot Specials. Hot Specials are a list of properties that are displayed to our users on our main page. You can easily list your property in our Hot Specials by using our toolbar in Your Account.

Lawn Signs
We provide free lawn signs for you to use.

We provide specific tools to different segment of the industry. Please take the time to read how our tools can help you excel achieve your real estate goals.
We are also continuously changing and modifying features on our website to ensure our users get the best technology available anywhere. We greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please take the time to write to us.