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Cottage Rental
Ideal Listing has features specific for managing and renting out cottages. Through Ideal Listing you can easily advertise your cottage for rental and also manage the rental process.

Following are some of the highlights of features for cottage rental:

Cottage Rental Online Advertising
Internet has become a source of information and research for many people interested in finding a place to move to. Many people search for cottages and places to rent through our search engine.
Adding your cottage to our website enhances your visibility of your cottage and promotes your cottage. The cost of listing your cottage on Ideal Listing for rent is also incredible low which would mean you would get the best value for your money.

Cottage Rental Short Term Rental
We have specifically the feature on Ideal Listing that allows you to list your cottage. Cottages are rented out on short term basis and through Ideal Listing you can easily list your cottage for both short term and long term basis. This allows you to effectively market your cottage to the interested public.

Cottage Rental Availability Date
You can specify what dates the cottage is available. This allows you to rent out the cottage for a weekend, but have it listed available for another weekend.

Cottage Rental Digital Pictures
You can upload as many pictures of the cottage as you want to your listing. This allows you to share images and different perspectives of the cottage.
There is no cost for uploading pictures to your listings.

Cottage Rental Easy Web Address
You can have your own Ideal Listing website and customizable address. You can customize your website by logging into your account and clicking on "Customize Your Webpage". It is very simple and it is a free service provided through Ideal Listing.
You can even select your own web address that will allow the users to visit your website directly. The domain address is based on first come availability and the sooner you sign up the better your chance in receiving your desired web address.

Cottage Rental New Features
We will be implementing a specific category for the cottages to ensure that they get the proper exposure. Ideal Listing will also be implementing facility to allow you to take a deposit through a credit card. We also welcome your suggestions or comments. Please take the time to write to us.