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About Us

Mission: To be the primary tool to market your real estate by providing tools and functionality to allow for easy marketing, management and communication. With Ideal Listing you can effectively market a real estate property through our easy to use search engine.

Ideal Listing was created by Yasna Inc. to answer the demands of the real estate industry. We in fact worked with real estate agents to conceptual this site and design the functionalities.

As more and more people have turned to Internet to find their next place of residence there was a need for a low cost search engine to meet their demands. Ideal Listing is a very low cost search engine, built on top of processes to make it more secure.

Some of these processes include validation of user's information and also address. With Ideal Listing service we validate our members and provide a membership card. Our members are also bound by our code of conduct. This assures that you are working with a respectable individual who has an interest in real estate.

Ideal Listing is provided to market your property online. The concept is to create a low cost search engine that the users can easily maintain and add their properties. The users maintain every aspect of their listing and they are responsible for communicating with other people. Ideal Listing simply provides the means in order to do this task.

Ideal Listing is a search engine that you can list your property on and have people find your property. We spend thousands of dollars on advertising this site and this means that you can benefit from our advertising dollars to market your real estate. Keep in mind that if you promote this site it would be better for your listing as more people would find your listing.

We spent over a year and half creating Ideal Listing and it has features specific to real estate market. We built the system from ground up focusing on real estate. Certain procedures and functionality was added to ensure that it is a site that everyone can use. Please note that we are constantly adding features and functionality to our site to ensure that we provide the best service. If you have any comments, suggestions, or have a problem with the site please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us tool to bring it to our attention. This way we ensure that your comment gets to us. We do record all the suggestions made to us.

We are also constantly changing our tools and enhancing features. We take direct recommendation and input from our users to ensure our site meets their demands.

Yasna Inc. is a small company focused on providing software solutions. Our core business is computer consulting with a focus on software solutions and architecture.