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"For Sale By Owner" Marketing Made Easy
Once you have decided to sell your property privately, the biggest challenge is putting together a marketing plan for getting the interested buyers to your property.
To sell your property faster you need to ensure that your marketing reaches more people. You can advertise your property through different means and we have provided the necessary tools to make your job easier.
To obtain the maximum exposure we have provided number of tools that allows you to market your property with ease and comfort:

marketing fsbo Online Advertising
By listing your property on our real estate search engine you are well guaranteeing that our visitors view your listing.
Moreover our listing are indexed by search engines and you will get more exposure by having your listing found directly from the search engines.

marketing fsbo Other Websites
To help you promote your property, we will also list your listing on Craig's List and similar sites. As part of our standard advertising we will have the posting appear with the link to your property.

marketing fsbo Easy Web Address
Every property listed on Ideal Listing will benefit from a customized direct link. The link will be in the format of http://id18.ideallisting.ca

marketing fsbo E-Mail Alerts
We allow our members to subscribe to our e-mail alert system. Using this system all the users will be notified that are looking for a property with a criteria matching your property.

marketing fsbo Print Flyer
To allow you to take further advantage of other means of advertising, we have provided a print flyer tool. This tool allows you to easily print the information about your property and also allows for little stubs to be removed.
You can easily print the flyers and post them in the grocery stores, shopping malls and other high traffic areas.

marketing fsbo Featured
To benefit from added exposure we provide a special tool called Featured list. This allows the listings to be displayed on Ideal Listing and other high traffic websites.