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Market and Manage Rental Properties
If you own and operate a rental property or if you manage a rental property you should use Ideal Listing. We have combined number of features and functionalities into Ideal Listing that allows you to advertise your rental property and also manage using our online tools.
The following are some of the highlights of our online software:

rental Online Advertising
Internet has become a source of information and research for many people interested in finding a place to rent. Many people make Ideal Listing their source of information to obtain and search for rentals. Adding your rental to Ideal Listing would ensure that they find and view your rental.

rental Rental Alerts
Once your property becomes available, Ideal Listing starts to work for you. We send out a notification to all the members who have requested to be notified about a property with matching criteria of your property.

rental Relist Property with one click
We have specifically designed Ideal Listing to allow you to manage your rental property along with advertising it on our search engine. Once your property becomes available again, you can relist it on our search engine with one click. You can also modify the rental information, monthly rent and also the availability date of the property.

rental Store Digital Pictures
You can upload and add digital pictures of the property, floor plans for the listing. You can upload as many pictures as you want with ease and without any cost.

rental Easy Web Address
You can have your own Ideal Listing website and customizable address. You can customize your website by logging into your account and clicking on "Customize Your Webpage". It is very simple and it is a free service provided to all our Ideal Listing members.
You can even select your own web address that will allow the users to visit your website directly. The domain address is based on first come availability and the sooner you sign up the better your chance in receiving your desired web address. So sign up and register your address before it is gone.

rental Integrate it into your Website
We provide a facility for you to integrate the list of your properties on Ideal Listing and display them on your own website. This allows you to manage and change the listings on your website with ease.
Through this feature you can even hide all Ideal Listing logo and information and ensure that it looks like the page is served within your own website.
A sample of this feature can be seen at a sample website that we have created specifically to display this feature http://www.rentalcompany.ca. If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact us.

rental Reports
Ideal Listing allows you to run reports about our searches. This allows you to see the market trend and also the changes in the season.
The reports can be access through the "My Account" tab once you have logged in.

rental New Features
We are working on integrating new features for making your work easier. Some of future features are "Bank Deposits", "Incident Report", "Letters and Agreements" and Rental Accounting with full reporting capability. We also welcome your suggestions or comments. Please take the time to write to us.